July 21-24, 2024

We invite you to join us at TESCO’s world headquarters for TESCOOL 2024, an event that uniquely combines a multi-tiered Meter School with TESCO’s Users Group.

120 Years of Metering Experience in 4 Days

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Featuring diverse modules including Single-Phase, Polyphase, and Advanced Metering, along with hands-on equipment and software training. This tailored approach caters to diverse levels of technical expertise, ensuring an inclusive and enriching learning experience for all participants.

Direct Engagement with TESCO Engineers

Directly interact with the TESCO engineers responsible for designing and testing the equipment they use daily, fostering opportunities for collaboration, brainstorming, and discussions on a range of topics.

Hands-On Training

Participants will engage in hands-on training sessions, specifically focusing on the latest test equipment and software. This emphasizes not only theoretical learning, but also practical application—a key element for understanding and implementing new technologies.

Networking and Entertainment

Hosted in the TESCO Learning Center and Corporate Headquarters, this event is not only a learning hub, but also a platform for networking and enjoyment. Evening festivities will enhance the educational experience, creating a holistic and engaging atmosphere for all participants.

Learning Tracks

A unique opportunity to gain insight with industry peers through interactive sessions as well as both in-class and hands-on training which will include the following:

Track 1

Single Phase Metering

The single phase track is designed for the entry-level person. Classes are designed to provide a basis for understanding metering principles, power and to complement the participant’s metering skills gained on the job. Sessions offered cover overviews of a power system, basic math, AC and DC theory, meter testing safety and all areas related to single phase meters. The classes are designed to prepare participants for the next level of classes relating to polyphase meters.

Track 2

Polyphase Metering

The polyphase track is designed for the purpose of providing participants with an overview of the basic information needed to understand polyphase metering. This session covers selection, installation, and maintaining polyphase meters. Participants also will receive training in the selection, use, and maintenance of current and voltage transformers.

Track 3

Hands-On TESCO Equipment and Software

This track will allow existing or prospective TESCO equipment and software users to have direct access to the TESCO Engineering and Software team for training on all forms of TESCO equipment, including but not limited to Meter Shop Test Equipment, Meter Site Field Test Equipment, Training Boards and Safety Equipment. Note: 1 on 1 sessions may be scheduled at any time with our engineering team or software team for personalized training/discussions.

Track 4

Advanced Metering Topics, Current Events, and Industry Trend Discussions

This track provides information about the newest technologies, current industry trends, day to day operational issues, as well as updates on new technology implementation projects. This track is ideal for professionals and managers who want to learn more about the metering industry, where it is headed and current challenges.

Track 5

Hands-On Meter Manager

This track will allow existing or prospective Meter Manager Software users to have in depth discussions and hands-on training with our Meter Manager Software team to enable users to get the full benefit of our Meter Manager Software. This track will also include extensive discussion and hand-on with our latest Meter Manager 3.0.

Hotel Accommodation

A room block has been reserved at the Sheraton Bucks County Langhorne with a discounted rate of $139 per night plus taxes and fees. To reserve at this special rate, please click below.

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